Hi-Line Jars

Tall and slender, the Hi-Line glass collection is the ideal storage and display solution for dry herb. Fully customizable, the Hi-Line jars are also a perfect fit for pre-rolls, cartridges, edibles, and concentrates.

SnapTech Cases

Snaptech™ Cases are the perfect packaging solutions for pre-rolls, cartridges, vaporizers, edibles, batteries, and more. Engineered with a soft square shape to comfortably fit in a pocket, the SnapTech Cases are available in three sizes—small, medium, and large.

SnapTech Bags

Snaptech™ Bags are a premium ASTM-certified storage solution that is US and Canada compliant. Crafted with built-in safety, the patented snap-closure system has 100% child-resistance effectiveness.


Hi-Line™ Jars

Tall and slender

Lo-Pro™ Jars

Low profile and wide mouth

PopBox™ Containers

Air-tight and stink-proof

SnapTech™ Bags

Flexibility & Freshness

SnapTech™ Cases

Air-tight and stink-proof

ButtonBox™ Packaging

Ideal for pre-rolls, edibles, capsules, vaporizers, and cartridges

Five10™ Tubes

Sleek Storage Solution For Cartridges & Pre-Rolls

RoundTin™ Containers

Fully Customizable Food-Safe Compliant Design

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