G-Verify Program

G-Verify is a consumer facing, point-of-sale “scannable” cannabis verification, comparable to a QR code on packaging, of your product’s authenticity, features, and safety. It allows you to serve as your brand’s digital retailer and communicate your brand’s value proposition directly to consumers. With a QR code on your packaging, anyone can easily snap, scan, and learn about your brand with the click of a button.

G-Verify can be used to protect your intellectual property and verify your product’s authenticity. It can also be utilized to share manufacturing certifications, reviews, dosage, and educational content. Media options are flexible, as this platform supports both static and video content capabilities.

Product Specifications

  • Average 30,000 Users & 500-600 Daily Scans Per Brand
  • Intellectual Property & Authenticity Verification
  • Product Information, Reviews, Dosage, Etc.
  • Marketing Content (Video & Loyalty Programs)
  • Educational Content (Static Or Video)
  • Manufacturing Certifications (If Applicable)
  • Green Factory Certifications (If Applicable)
  • FDA Food-Safe Materials Certifications
  • Child-Resistant Packaging Certifications
  • Easily Add Code To Existing Compliance Label
  • Monthly Consumer Data Report Included
  • No App Download Required


Mailing List Subscription

Mailing List Subscription