Sustainable Packaging

Pollen Gear products combine child-resistant technologies with minimalist design to create a perfect blank canvas for customization.

Why Sustainable Packaging?

Being conscious of the environment demonstrates to customers that you not only care about the product itself, but how your business impacts the outside world. Choosing Pollen Gear’s sustainable packaging solutions enhances both end-user experience and public brand perception.


Sustainable Materials

Our HiLine and LoPro jars are made from glass, which has an endless recycling potential. The Pop Box™  and Snap Tech™  Case utilize a single-piece construction, made from Polypropylene plastic which allows for easy sorting and recycling. Pollen Gear designs are clean and durable, lending themselves to be reused by consumers and organizations.

Sustainable Afterlife

Our jar collections serve as excellent storage for spices, snacks, and other household items, or can even be used as small pots for plants. In addition, organizations such as Matthew 25 and TerraCycle accept our sustainable packaging, such as our sustainable bags, for their reuse and recycling programs.


Sustainability Partner

Our secondary packaging partner Corners Packaging allows your business to decrease your overall carbon footprint.  Corners Packaging runs on 100% renewable energy, with 25% coming from on-site solar panels. In addition, Corners is certified carbon neutral and zero waste. In tandem, we provide our clients with a unique capability of low carbon production. 

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Mailing List Subscription