About Pollen Gear Packaging

Pollen Gear™, a Greenlane company, is a leading producer of premium customizable marijuana packaging solutions. By combining Pollen Gear’s award-winning industrial product design team with Greenlane Studio’s deep understanding of the cannabis industry, Pollen Gear is able to consistently produce high quality, innovative packaging solutions that promote product safety and responsible consumption in legal cannabis markets.

Pollen Gear was recognized as a Top 100 Cannabis Company in 2018 by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Innovative Marijuana Packaging

The original patented creator of the LoPro and HiLine glass jar collections, Pollen Gear is credited with creating the first cannabis jar, designed to be child-resistant. Since Greenlane’s acquisition of Pollen Gear in 2019, Pollen Gear’s product offering and reach have increased significantly, positioning Pollen Gear at the forefront of the cannabis packaging space. Greenlane Studio brings proprietary market intelligence and a deep understanding of product development and diffusion, sell-in, sell-through, industry trends, and consumer habits, which inform all Pollen Gear designs. Pollen Gear’s award-winning packaging design team continues to expand its product assortment with new, pioneering solutions as well as distinctive customization options for unique brands.

Our Story

Pollen Gear was born out of award-winning design firm Pollen Design, creators of the Rabbit Corkscrew and the Personal SafetyPac, now housed in MoMA’s permanent collection. After receiving large support on Kickstarter for the Evak collection of vacuum-sealed jars, product designer and Pollen Design founder Ed Kilduff polled supporters about their goals for the jar. When one of the top answers received was “cannabis storage,” the idea of Pollen Gear was born. Since our inception in 2015, Pollen Gear has pushed the boundaries of what cannabis packaging can be, introducing one-of-a-kind standards for production, materials, and design.


Original Pollen Gear Office

Award-Winning Team

Pollen Gear was founded by Ed Kilduff, most well-known for designing the iconic Rabbit corkscrew. An industry legend who has designed for major players, including Adidas and OXO, Kilduff has an innate ability for designing game-changing products.

Pollen Gear focuses on creating design-driven, innovative products. Rather than sourcing products, our highly-skilled team designs every Pollen Gear product from the ground up. Our in-house state of the art engineering technologies, from 3D printers to laser cutters, allow our team to test out every aspect of every design, from sound, to feel, to appearance. Choose from an assortment of patented technologies, child-resistant products, and a bevy of design options that help your brand stand out, while promoting safety and responsibility in the legal marijuana market.

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